EEO (Одесса UA)

Using essential oils has never been so easy and effective!

3 resources , that you need to maintain your health and improve your quality of life with essential oils are here!

Popular aroma books, translated into many languages of the world, including Arabic, are now available!

Exclusive for AROMACLUB!

Oil Smart Pocket guide - An exclusive reference guide to using essential oils on the go. The brand new guide is a simplified version of the book "Oil Smart" and perfectly complements the famous essential oils guide "Symphony of the Cells"

There you will find:

  • What are essential oils?
  • Extraction methods
  • Where to begin
  • Introduction to Essential Oils
  • Application and safety
  • Basic terms

Natural solutions for the 50 most common health issues (in alphabetical order)

A dictionary of the 30 best essential oils and an introduction to the world of aromatherapy.

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The aroma guide "Oil Smart" is an expanded guide to the pocket guide "Oil Smart". Combines a detailed glossary of essential oils and guidance for use in over 250 health issues in one useful resource.

“Oil Smart” - gives new ideas for the use of essential oils that are not found in other aromatherapy books, connecting them with the protocols of the unique “Symphony of the Cells” system

The legendary "Symphony of Cells" is a system of applying essential oils in a specific and precise sequence, developed by Boyd Truman based on 28 years of practical training and the use of pure essential oils. There are 19 technologies (applications) in total. Each application is designed for a specific body system and includes a list of essential oils that - through experience and training - Boyd Truman has found ideal for that system

They will help you navigate the symbols of the applications and correctly follow the steps in each specific case.